Providing basic necessities to children in need in Eastern Europe



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Children's Help Net Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was founded by parents of diverse backgrounds who share the bond of having successfully adopted children from Eastern Europe. During this experience, the founders became keenly aware of the plight of children in that region of the world, and the need to promote child welfare and the adoption of children.

The mission of CHNF is to support projects and programs that effect changes in social and healthcare issues that directly or indirectly benefit children and their families. CHNF provides basic necessities including food, medicine, vitamins and clothing for children in need in Eastern Europe. We work in Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria.


Children's Help Net Foundation logo

Consistent humanitarian aid.

Healthy Meals

Nutrition and health are at the core of our mission.

Daily Vitamins

Children often arrive with vitamin deficiencies which are quickly and easily eliminated.

Lifesaving Medications

Medications often solve medical conditions that can quickly get out of control and become life-threatening.

Consistent Aid During COVID-19

“Thanks for taking care of us. We are well. Everyday care continues at the Center; all of the children are healthy. But we are isolated. We go to work to make sure they have everything they need. Many companies, however, are closed, and do not supply the necessary products. We are forced to shop for vegetables, fruits, and vitamins ourselves. We are very glad to do this for the children and we thank you for your support which helps us solve these problems.”

Nataly Covalciuc, our local representative

Nataly Covalciuc with children

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Children's Help Net Foundation logo

Major projects completed during the past 20 years with longterm benefit.

Heating and Hot Water System for the Municipal Placement and Rehabilitation Center, Chisinau, Moldova
Laundry Facility

Provided to the Republican Orphanage in Moldova.

Dialysis Machines

Donation to 4 regional hospitals in Romania.

Neonatal Care Program

Care of low birth weight infants in Bulgaria.

Physical Therapy Room

Renovated physical therapy rooms in Moldova.